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In November Vegpro Kenya’s Food General Manager, Gareth Wilkie visited Goldsuite to see our product range in use in Australia. Visits were made to Avocado growers in the South East of Western Australia around Pemberton and Manjimup, vegetable growers near Busselton and various stone fruit growers in the South East. The main products of interest were Austar, a registered PGR for use on Avocados and the Nutrian EzyFlow range.

A visit was also payed to Arnhem Mangoes in Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory where one of the great characters of Australia’s Mango industry, Barry Albrecht, detailed his mango growing experiences. Barry conducted a tour of his pack shed and showed us some of his modified machinery used to pick mangoes. Barry’s intensive knowledge of growing mangoes in hot humid areas, something close to the climate found in southern Ghana, was of interest to Vegpro.

Vegpro Food is the largest producer and exporter of fresh produce from Kenya. They have six farms and manage 1700 smallholder farmers in the four major producing areas of Kenya.  Vegpro grow and pack a wide range of quality vegetables all year round. They are experts in ‘freshcut’ produce including complex added value lines such as stir fries.