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TreeTech 2019 a success

Thanks to the incredible turn-out, “TreeTech 2019 – Growing avocados in a new era” was a fantastic success with over 80 growers from the avocado industry in attendance at the World Agroforestry Centre and more than 2600 minutes streamed live on Facebook. By bringing industry growers, leaders and thinkers together, we hoped to help shape meaningful discourse from boardrooms to orchards – inspiring a future of growing avocados which routinely deploys sustainability practices at every level.

Avocado growers are facing an exciting future with growing markets in the US, EU and China as the millennial consumer class matures. However, at the same time, the industry faces many challenges in the form of climate change, export regulations, pest control issues and public criticism of habitat loss and deforestation. By working closely with ICRAF, Goldsuite and Insect Science, Dudutech created a symposium programme around issues which avocado growers face on a daily basis. The course was made up of a series of lectures delivered by thought leaders in the topics of advanced nutrition, integrated crop and pest management and agroforestry.

The TreeTech concept was born out of the question of what IPM providers are doing to support the fast-growing avocado industry globally and closer to home in Kenya. We hoped this event would foster an extension of the technology enjoyed by veg and flowers to tree and fruit crops.

Goldsuite were proud sponsors of TreeTech 2019 and already plans are being put in place for the event in 2020.