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Since 2015 Goldsuite has been distributing unique products sourced from Australia into South Africa. These carefully sourced products offer South African farmers a solution that are world class, formulated and manufactured for use in similar demanding farming situations.

Australian farmers are known to be resourceful and so the products they use need to be able to impact yields and quality positively, even in harsh conditions. In addition, the return on investment must be substantial. This is what we now bring to South Africa, world class quality and unique products.

Our Nutrian range is made from natural mined resources and are thus mostly organic allowable. With an average particle size of less than 1 micron the products are exceedingly reactive and quick working in all conditions. Being so fine they can be applied through drip irrigation, sprinklers, boom sprays or pivots. All products are formulated synergistically to ensure the availability of all elements. We guarantee that our suspension concentrates will be in suspension for 2 years meaning that all the product you buy in the pack will be available for use saving time and money.

So our question for you is, how can we help you?

Available now:

  • EzyFlow Cal-s (Gypsum)
  • EzyFlow Calbud
  • EzyFlow Copper
  • EzyFlow Trace
  • EzyFlow Zinc
  • NutriFUSION Calfusion
  • NutriFUSION K-Fusion
  • NutriFUSION Response 1

South African Contacts

Koos Pieterse, Lichtenburg

Hannes de Klerk, Vereeniging

Christo Ackerman, Paarl

Cradock, Eastern Cape
Wessel Cloete
82 8213254

Hartswater, Northern Cape
Andries Maritz

Jacobsdal, Free State
Stevie Opperman

Brits, North West
Frank vd Westhuizen

Kristian Vermaak, Klerksdorp

Aubrey, Port Alfred

Henna Hertzog, Bloemhof

Errol Muller, Groblersdal