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The importance of reducing Sodium in your soil

Try our Sodium Reduction Calculator

Crops require a multitude of minerals to keep healthy and grow effectively.  One mineral they don’t need is Sodium, which is rife in areas that receive a low amount of rainfall with high evaporation rates.

The salts build up on the surface of the soil, blocking water infiltration. High Sodium levels will also affect the pH levels of your soil, minimising the uptake of all the good nutrients your plants need.

There have been two trials in recent years which test the effectiveness of adding Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) to crop soil in order to reduce sodium levels. Both trials were conducted in WA and both showed a significant reduction in Sodium, with improved crop yield.

At Goldsuite, we don’t just do fertilisers, we help you grow profitable harvests. We know the importance of healthy soil and how the reduction of Sodium in your soil can affect your crop.

That’s why we’ve created a free Sodium reduction calculator on our website. Our calculator gives you the estimated expected end result after using SC + Gypsum for 14 days! Try it today!