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Murara Plants in Kenya, formerly known as Hilverda, continue to enjoy excellent results using Goldsuite Calbud, and Goldsuite Trace. Murara produces millions of cuttings annually for worldwide export. Products include Carnations, Alstromeria, Limonium, Gypsophila and Scabiosa.

Based in the west of the country in Kericho County, Murara is ideally situated in a unique micro-climate which enjoys good rainfall and a mild climate at 2000 metres above sea level. Of great importance to Murara is consistency and uniformity in a crop. This season, using Goldsuite Calbud and Goldsuite Trace, together with pHUSION supplied by Dudutech, Murara have seen unprecedented consistency and uniformity in the Gypsophila crop. Calbud has been applied as a drench while Trace was sprayed on as a foliar.

Thank you Murara for continuing to be a supportive customer and for sharing your results!