Matching fertiliser to your environment for maximum crop productivity

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Without essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, and trace elements boron, iron and sulphur, we wouldn’t have plant life. Nitrogen is as important to plants as oxygen is to humans. They need it to grow and thrive and yield successful crops. However, many soils are deficient in these nutrients, so fertiliser is added to the soil to promote better growth. But when it comes to choosing the right fertilisation methods, we need to look at the environmental conditions to ensure your crops have all they need for maximum productivity. 

Rainfall and Irrigation

Environment factors such as regional rainfall (climate zone) or irrigation scheme can assist in determining the appropriate selection and application of fertiliser. This is particularly important when it comes to protecting sensitive waterways from excessive nutrient contamination as well as keep the cost fertilisations management at a minimum.

Soil Quality

Plant yields are dependent on soil type and its existing nutrient content. The right fertiliser can support the replenishment of nutrients that may have been absorbed from the soil by plants, washed away by rain events or leached away over time, making them available for productive plant growth and maintaining soil fertility. Good farming practices incorporate regular soil testing so that fertiliser types and amounts can be adjusted to be as efficient as possible.

Crop Varieties

Different plants require different nutrient amounts and have different cycles of growth. Understanding your crops’ various phases of growth is particularly important so that fertilisation can be scheduled for when the nutrient uptake is the greatest. By fine tuning your timing you can maximise nutrient availability to plants and minimise wastage of valuable nutrients. The right timing will also help protect excess nutrients reaching waterways and other sensitive areas.

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