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Vineyards, chestnuts and soil samples in Victoria

This year has seen Goldsuite on the move. In July our Managing Director, Kevin, got the opportunity to visit Australia’s largest producer of food and fibre products – Victoria! Here’s a little snippet of his itinerary.

Kevin first spent the day in the offices of Hybrid-Ag in Wangaratta. While there, he met with Business Development and Technical Advisor, Judah Rowe; Sales Manager, Paul Bigley; and Agronomist, Alex Grant. Their meetings were the first step towards putting in place a strategic plan for not only WA but opportunities within Africa as well. Kevin and the team at Hybrid-Ag held a Zoom introductory meeting with Goldsuite’s South African and Kenyan agents.

Next up, Kevin spent a day visiting a beautiful vineyard to take soil samples with Chelsea Hall and Alex Grant, agronomists at Hybrid AG. Of particular interest to Kevin was a visit to an organic tea grower whose produce is exported to Japan. Kevin also visited an apple and chestnut orchard. Having never seen chestnuts grown commercially, it was a really interesting visit!

Last on the itinerary was a visit to broadacre farmers with Alex Grant and Steve Petrie. They were lucky enough to visit a family of third-generation farmers, who are working to restore their soil fertility by reducing synthetic fertilisers and chemicals harmful to the soil bacteria and microbia. They are practising “regenerative agriculture,” trying to get the soils healthy and full of life again. They also visited a farm that grows wheat, and took a look at one of the crops which was showing early signs of micronutrient deficiency.

That wrapped up the trip, and what an informative one it was!

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