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Launching Soon!

Since the inception of Goldsuite, we have been granted agencies to distribute our partners products. With years of experience in our products and countries we have now formulated products that build on this and have created SC+ (Suspension Concentrate +) and BiOSiNC.

BiOSiNC is a range of Suspension Liquids (SL)

SC+ is a range of Suspension Concentrates (SC)

Goldsuite SC+ and BiOSiNC suspension fertilisers are tailor made to match field and crop requirements.

Suspensions can contain almost any mix of nutrients and micronutrients, which are perfectly mixed so that each droplet of the product contains the complete analysis of nutrients, for unbeatable accuracy and consistency.

While solid blended fertiliser is prone to segregation, Goldsuite suspensions do not separate or settle during transport and application, and remain fully uniform from the factory to the last drop applied in the field.

Goldsuite suspension fertilisers offer a number of benefits over conventional granular fertilisers:

  • Financial
    • Highly concentrated for improved crop response from accurate placement and availability of nutrients
  • Agronomic
    • Tailor made nutrition, uniform application over the whole field, macro and micro nutrients that stay blended in solution.
  • Environmental
    • Accurate and efficient with less risk of leaching and pollution
  • Convenience
    • Easy to mix and store, exceptionally easy to surface or subsurface drench
  • Reactivity
    • Quick and direct link between application and changes in soil and leaf analyses.