Goldsuite and Dudutech to work together in Kenya

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Recently during a visit to Kenya by Goldsuite’s Managing Director, Kevin Boekestein, Dudutech was appointed as a distributor in Kenya of Goldsuite’s range of products. The Dudutech range of products consists of biological control agents comprising beneficial insect predators, beneficial funguses (EPFs) and nematodes (EPNs) and a wide range of soil health products for long term crop security and alleviation of drought effects. As such, Goldsuite’s range of liquid fertilisers and plant nutrition products from Biosynergy and Nutrian in Western Australia, is a great fit for Dudutech. Initial interest in the range has been extraordinarily positive in the horticulture and floriculture sectors.

The first shipment of Nutrian’s EzyFlow Gypsum and trial samples have already landed in Naivasha for distribution nationally. A wider range of products is being readied for shipment currently. This includes EzyFlow Liquid Lime and EzyFlow Liquid Dolomite, EzyFlow Calbud and EzyFlow Trace.