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In late 2016 Goldsuite was asked by a large tea estate in Kericho Kenya to produce a liquid fertiliser mix to their own formulation. This could then be compared against their current fertiliser products which they purchase individually and mix. A prototype product was applied for the first time in mid-2017 and a number of trials have now been concluded.

The final trial was to ascertain how easily the EzyFlow Tea Mix could be applied by air. This trial was conducted in late October 2018. The EzyFlow Tea Mix coverage on the leaves was good and final results based on leaf analysis will be released in mid-December 2018.

The major conclusions to date are

  • There is a yield response higher (<9%) than the current product against which EzyFlow Tea Mix has been compared.
  • As the product already contains all the elements required there is no mixing and thus reduced possibility of the incorrect mix being applied.
  • Easily applied by air or hand held atomiser, so both commercial and small scale growers could use EzyFlow Tea mix.
  • Easy to dilute with water prior to application.