Raising environmental awareness with Elephant Charge

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Now in its 10th year, the Elephant Charge has raised an enormous $1,420,000 with the help of eager participants and sponsors like Goldsuite. The event is run each year to aid conservation organisations throughout Zambia where issues such as deforestation, wildlife trafficking and over-exploitation of resources are causing concern to these groups.

Goldsuite proudly sponsored Team Khal Amazi at this year’s event which saw teams with cars or motorbikes take on a course of 10 checkpoints over ridges, through valleys, up escarpments and across rivers. The 8 hour day tests participants’ driving and navigating capabilities as well as their endurance as they must tackle the checkpoints in the shortest distance possible.

Each year the location of The Charge is kept secret until the evening prior to the event when a map is provided for the teams to study and take on from the following morning. The day is not only an exciting way to test the skills of the team but also a reminder of the beauty of our surrounds in Zambia to reiterate the importance of us protecting this natural environment.

Goldsuite are so proud to have once again supported this event and are eagerly looking forward to 2022’s Elephant Charge. Well done, Team Khal Amazi!