Avocado Seminar – Mukuyu Kenya

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In September 2015 Goldsuite’s Managing Director, Kevin Boekestein, presented an Avocado seminar to growers in the Mukuyu area of Central Kenya. The main messages was the importance of the balance between vegetative growth and yield. “In tropical areas it’s important to contain vegetative flushes and to swing the trees energy over to reproduction. This balance can be more easily achieved with Austar, a potent plant growth regulator” said Kevin.

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As a result of an earlier avocado day delivered by Steve Oosthuyse an avocado expert from South Africa, one farmer, Mike Harrries, has planted a trial high density orchard. Trees are spaced 4m x 1.5m, that gives an amazing 1666 trees per hectare. Despite the orchard being under two years old the flowering and fruit set has been impressive. In order to keep trees under control vegetatively in high density situations, plant growth regulators like Austar must be used to ensure good yields.