The importance of soil nutrition for successful crop yield

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Throughout history, humans have had a relationship with the earth, using its resources in creative ways to sustain populations. Our relationship with soils is the basis of agriculture, with soil fertility and nutrient management playing a critical role in the production of food today. 

Plants require the right nutrients, in the right amounts, to support each stage of growth. Soil nutrition can directly influence crop yield and quality. So, to understand what is going on below the surface, and how to better the health of your crops, we look to soil testing for some answers. 

Generally, soil tests should be taken on all fields at least once every 2 to 4 years, but soils on which vegetables or other high cash crops are grown may need to be tested annually.

It really does not make much difference whether we are sampling cotton, corn, wheat, or soybean fields, the ideal time to sample is right after harvest. At this time of the year, the fields are generally very accessible making it easier to collect a good representation of soil samples.

However, samples taken for diagnostic purposes such as fertilisation response, poor crop growth, or evaluation of soil conditions, are best taken while the problem areas can still be identified within the crop.

Soil tests help to determine soil health and provide a detailed analysis of the levels of macro and micronutrients including pH, salts, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, sodium, iron, manganese, boron, copper, zinc as well as total nitrogen and total organic matter. The status Low, Optimum or High is given for each nutrient tested and is indicated numerically on the report, along with recommendations to correct soil fertility.

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