Successful Egyptian Gypsum trials a huge opportunity for Goldsuite

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At Goldsuite, we really scour the globe to find the best partners to work with. Having long searched for a partner in Egypt, in 2018 a prospective partner was found in Abeer el Shemy of Fairy Circles. Abeer has many years of agronomic experience in the main horticultural corridor between Cairo and Alexandria (The Desert Road) where huge quantities of fruit and vegetables are grown for local and export markets. 

First trial shows excellent results

Despite numerous delays occasioned by the pandemic, registration back-logs and the issuance of import permits, SC+ Gypsum was flown into the country for trials at large citrus farmers in November of 2021. At the end of December 2021, the first trial results were received.

With Sodium being an ever-present problem in Egypt, the trials were to prove the efficacy of SC+ Gypsum to reduce Sodium levels in the soil. Soil samples were taken prior to the trial and again two weeks after application. The soil samples were measured by an independent laboratory and the results were excellent. Sodium levels had reduced from 18.2 Meq/l to 6.9 and Ca had increased from 2.9 Meq/l to 5.9. 

More trial results to come

Goldsuite has registered SC+ Gypsum and SC+ Budset already, with SC+ Lime and BiOSiNC K in the process of being registered. Results from the other trials are expected soon, so watch this space!

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