Recyclable Rose Sleeves?

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Uhuru Flowers shifts to 100% recyclable paper flower sleeves!

Uhuru Flowers in Kenya, have been wanting to reduce the amount of plastic they use in their packaging for some time now. They  have found a great alternative, paper flower sleeves. However, finding paper that is fully recyclable and still looks presentable after being packed in a box, was quite a challenge, explains Ivan Freeman, owner of the farm that is situated on the northern slopes of Mt Kenya near the town of Timau. Right now they are packing around 80% of their flowers in paper sleeves, but soon they will make the complete shift.

The paper sleeves have no lamination or additives and are therefore 100% recyclable. For branding purposes, they even sourced recyclable kraft paper labels to apply to the sleeves.

​”The paper sleeves are a little more expensive, but we feel it is worth it.” And he expects industry and the consumers to welcome this change with open arms.

Currently Uhuru uses Goldsuite Liquid Gypsum and Budset which is a Calcium, Zinc, Nitrogen Magnesium and Boron liquid fertiliser to ensure strong early plant development.