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The first tranche of Nutrian products have been registered in South Africa. Wessel Cloete, Goldsuite’s Marketing and Sales Manager for South Africa, was naturally very excited saying “it’s been a long process and we are glad that we have our first registrations through. The interest in Nutrian’s high quality products has been amazing so I am relieved to be able to start supplying them to our customers!”

Nutrian products are manufactured in Perth in Western Australia and distributed into Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and now South Africa. While there are products that are similar in our targeted territories, there are not many products that are low or zero EC at a 10% solution, soft on plants and even flowers, guaranteed to remain in suspension for 2 years, natural organic allowable and with particle sizes on average less than 1 micron, extremely reactive. A small amount can cover a very large surface area.

“When comparing these types of products it’s important to check you are comparing them properly” said Dave Seagreen who is the chemist and soil scientist who has formulated the Nutrian range. “The nutrients of any product can be declared in three ways, as a percentage, or as weight weight (w/w) or weight volume (w/v.) In addition the Specific Gravity (SG) can also be an indicator of quality. The higher the SG the higher the amount of nutrients in the product as a basic rule. So while products seem comparable at first glance, a more thorough investigation should be conducted when choosing a product. The product may be more expensive per litre, but it’s important to look at the price per hectare.”

The Nutrian products are all applicable by boom spray, pivot or drip as the particles are so fine they do not clog up nozzles.

For more information contact Wessel Cloete on 082 821 3254 or

The products registered to date are

EzyFlow Calbud

EzyFlow Gypsum

EzyFlow Trace

EzyFlow Zinc

NutriFUSION Calfusion

NutriFUSION K-Fusion