Murara Plants works with Goldsuite to target specific plant growth stages

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Murara Plants, based in Kericho Kenya, is focused on breeding varieties of summer and perennial flowers such as Limonium, Dianthus and Gypsophila.

With the help of Goldsuite, Murara plants have been using specially calibrated doses of Calbud, Trace, Response 1 and SoluSOLVE to target specific points of the growth stage in their plant material.

They now use Response 1 for pot Carnations to improve plant immune systems and reduce stress. As a result, Murara Plants have reported seeing accelerated plant development, noticeable plant vigour and now recommend the product to their clients who grow gypsophilia.

One of the main reasons Murara Plants say they went looking for Goldsuite was to make the switch towards more environmentally sustainable solutions for their business. They have made significant changes to elements in their production system to preserve the integrity of the unique Kericho climate.

Eric Bowman from Murara Plants says the company is very happy with the support they have been getting from Goldsuite.

“Kevin from Goldsuite has provided samples for me which he thinks may work, and I share our challenges and shortcomings to work together and bounce ideas off one another to improve productivity, efficiency, quality and reliability as a plant breeder and propagator” said Eric.

It’s a two-way partnership that sees Goldsuite benefit from the information they receive from Murara Plants to assist other growers whether that be in Kenya or other parts of the world.