Liquid Fertiliser vs Dry Fertiliser: what to know

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Which fertiliser is more sustainable? Liquid vs dry

At Goldsuite, we can help you find the right fertiliser.

Finding effective and sustainable ways to increase crop productivity is a core goal in modern agriculture. Alongside sunlight and water, the type of fertiliser you use is imperative in giving your crop what it needs to grow.

There are typically two options for fertilisers: liquid and dry (also known as solid or granular). Both come with their pros and cons, however if you’re looking at a sustainable solution for fertiliser, liquid fertiliser is our recommended choice. 

This is why: 

  • They take up less storage space and are easier to transport lowering your carbon footprint; 
  • They are versatile and can be applied through irrigation systems, through spray equipment as a foliar feed or else directly onto seeds before planting;
  • They are already in solution and ready to apply through irrigation or sprayed onto a crop;
  • They provide a more equal application of nutrients; 
  • They remove the need for a manual application which reduces the cost of application and fertiliser preparation;
  • They are absorbed quickly into the roots or leaves of plants as the fertiliser doesn’t need to be broken down;
  • They ensure that plants get a quick and overall boost to help encourage growth.

At Goldsuite we don’t just do fertilisers, we help you grow profitable harvests. 

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