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In 2016, Goldsuite began working with a major global tea grower based in Kenya. Together with our factory, we were tasked with developing a liquid fertiliser that would contain all of the necessary nutrients in a single pack that could be applied by air. Copper, zinc, magnesium, boron, and molybdenum were the required nutrients. One product meant no mixing of different liquids and granules, a single supplier for all fertiliser needs, and significantly reduced human error in measuring out quantities of each nutrient.

Fast forward to 2022, and the trials are nearing completion.

Since 2016, Goldsuite has conducted four small-scale trials to assess the product’s efficacy. The main goal of the trials is to ensure that the various nutrients can be absorbed by the plant via the leaves. Seeing as tea is such a slow growing, bushy plant, and some tea bushes are over 70 years old, it is not possible to apply fertiliser to the ground and have the plants absorb it through the roots. The only practical method for conducting commercial trials is by air. However, because it is not possible to apply the product by air on such small trial areas, the product was applied via backpacks in the first small trials. 

The original four trials were successful, and two semi-commercial trials have been conducted over 50 hectares, with a final trial scheduled for September 2022. 

Once it was determined that the product worked, another aspect that needed to be tested was the ease with which it could be applied by air. The questions posed were, given the very small amount of water with which the product is mixed,

  1. Will the product be easy to apply?
  2. Would the droplet sizes be sufficient to deliver the required nutrients?
  3. Will enough product be delivered to the leaf?

The product is pink in colour, and so it was hoped that once it was diluted that the product could still be seen on the leaf so we could ascertain it had landed on the leaves. Take a look at our photos showing the product on the leaves, the product being added to the mixing drum, and the aircraft!

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