Independent trials again show that Crofft REALLY works!

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Over the last maize season in South Africa two independent trials were conducted for Goldsuite Pty Limited and overseen by Wessel Cloete,Sales and Marketing Manager of Goldsuite South Africa . The trials took place in Cradock (Eastern Cape) and Groblersdal (Limpopo) and both have shown the significant effect of Crofft when used correctly on maize.

In the first trial in Cradock, the Cradock Seed Distributors program was followed. There were three replicates planted on the 20th of November 2015 and the maize variety was DeKalb 64-78BR. Crofft was applied at the 5th and 9th true leaf stage by boom spray and the plots were irrigated by means of flood irrigation. The trial was based on a block design with the trial next to the control. The average difference over the three trial areas was 14.95% yield increase with Crofft. (Highest difference was 21.45% and the lowest 9.33%.)

In the second trial conducted in Groblersdal there were 5 replicates and 5 different treatments organised in a randomised block design. The maize cultivar Delta12BRF was planted on the 19th of November 2015 and Crofft applied at the 6th and 9th true leaf stage and irrigated by lateral irrigation (draglines.)

In the 5 trial areas where Crofft was applied, the average yield per hectare was 24.68% higher than the control.

Wessel Cloete,  was very pleased with the results saying “Despite a very tough season in South Africa, Crofft has been shown to help farmers increase their yields. With this results we expect to be able to help many more farmers increase their yields and profits”

The full trial results are available from Goldsuite Pty Limited on application.