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In January Kevin Boekestein, Managing Director of Goldsuite visited Kenya and toured various Kenyan flower growers and propagators. While In Kericho a visit was paid to HilverdaKooij, who lead the global market in selecting, breeding and propagating Dianthus, Limonium and Alstroemeria varieties. The large scale of the company’s operations allows HilverdaKooij to provide its customers everywhere in the world with a complete assortment of starting material for producing cut flowers and pot plants.

In Kenya HilverdaKooij have been conducting trials using a number of Nutrian’s flagship products including EzyFlow Calbud, EzyFlow Trace and NutriFUSION Response 1 to boost production. After between six and four months of trials conducted against a control, HilverdaKooij will be adopting these products into their program on a commercial basis.

Of vital importance to HilverdaKooij are products that are “soft” and will not damage the delicate plants when planted out when treated by foliar sprays. This is one of the strengths of Nutrian’s products. In addition the EzyFlow range also have zero EC at a 10% solution and they can often be mixed with other agricultural chemistry.

From L to R: Eric Bouman (HilverdaKooij Kenya) Livingstone Chepukel & Anthony Rono of Dudutech Kenya.