Ethiopia – Commercial Trials with EzyFlow Gypsum

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In February Kevin Boekestein accompanied Barnaba Rotich and Emily Lusweti of Dudutech to visit Ethiopian flower, vegetable, fruit and herb growers in Holeta, Ziway and Debre Zeit. The visit was to familiarise Goldsuite with the opportunity that Ethiopia presents for products like Austar and Nutrian’s range of liquid fertilisers. Ethiopia has over the last ten years grown its horticultural sector to be the second largest exporter of cut roses out of Africa. Making it a serious contender for European markets with neighbouring Kenya.

Dudutech have appointed Ismael Yassin to look after their customers in the country and will very soon announce a distributor who will have product available in country. Currently most products are imported from Kenya but it would be beneficial for growers to have product available in the country shortening lead times to get products onto crops.

Following the visit two large rose farms have imported commercial quantities for trials of EzyFlow Gypsum. Other products which were of keen interest to growers were EzyFlow Calbud, EzyFlow Trace and NutriFUSION Response 1.

The opportunity presented is being grabbed with two hands by Goldsuite and Dudutech!