Choosing the right fertiliser to limit agricultural wastage.

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When farmers apply nutrients to their fields it’s often in the form of chemical fertilisers and animal manure. These fertilisers help provide crops with essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus which are necessary for plant growth.

Unfortunately, when these fertilisers are not fully utilised, much of these valuable products are lost in farm run-off. The excess fertiliser can be washed away due to heavy rainfall, or leached into ground water over time. This is not only a costly exercise, but also can lead to poor water quality and a decrease in the overall health of our natural waterways.


To help farmers limit the amount of nutrient losses from their fields, we can adopt improved nutrient management techniques. This includes ensuring your fertilisers are applied in the right amounts, in the right locations and at the right time of the year to meet the plant’s nutrient demands. Each of Goldsuite’s products includes a detailed information sheet that helps guide fertilising application to ensure correct quantities and application for your climate. Detailed notes are included to guide you on the product’s suitability for your particular farm conditions. 


Testing your soil routinely prior to fertilising will also help to limit the potential for over fertilisation. Testing soils for their current nitrogen levels means that you can subtract this amount from the crops total nitrogen demand to allow for the right amount of fertiliser to be applied. With this knowledge on hand, Goldsuite can better support you with a range of products and advice, so that you achieve the best fertiliser absorption for your crops and limit wasting both valuable products and funds, helping you grow profitable harvests.